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Petal Search is one of the key applications in Huawei’s ecosystem. It’s essentially a search engine app developed by Huawei that aims to provide users with comprehensive search results and access to various types of content. Petal Search is designed to help users find information, apps, news, images, videos, and more, directly from their Huawei devices. It aggregates results from multiple sources, including the web, apps, and local content, to provide users with a wide range of options when searching for information. With the absence of Google Search on Huawei devices, Petal Search serves as an alternative search engine, offering users a way to explore and discover content conveniently.

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Huawei Petal Search is a crucial application within Huawei’s mobile ecosystem. Developed in response to the absence of Google Search on Huawei devices, Petal Search serves as a comprehensive search engine, offering users a way to explore and discover information conveniently. It aggregates results from various sources, including the web, apps, news, images, and videos, providing a one-stop shop for user queries.

Our Task

Our team wasn’t just bystanders in the development of Petal Search. We were actively involved across various stages, shaping the search engine into the comprehensive tool it is today. Our journey began with understanding user needs and preferences through UI/UX research. This research then fueled the creation of prototypes in Figma and Adobe XD, laying the groundwork for Petal Search’s user experience. But a great user experience needs a foundation of trust. That’s where our compliance research came in. We meticulously ensured Petal Search adhered to all relevant data privacy regulations and user agreements.

Next, we tackled the challenge of delivering geographically relevant results. We played a part in developing the algorithm that structures search results based on user location. This meant users wouldn’t be bombarded with irrelevant information – Petal Search would understand their location and prioritize results accordingly. No search engine functions without a clean and organized database. We played a role in cleaning up and managing the vast database that Petal Search relies on to deliver accurate results. Finally, we actively participated in the alpha phase of development using Git, a version control system. This allowed us to contribute code and functionalities to the initial build of Petal Search, shaping it from the ground up. Our contributions didn’t go unnoticed – Huawei involved us  as public beta testers. This ongoing role allowed us to provide continuous feedback and insights throughout the development process, ensuring Petal Search launched in 2019 as a robust and user-friendly search engine.

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