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Macanne® ignites a passion for progress. We empower the next generation of innovators by supporting local teams who resonates our advocacy on athleticism and wellness, provide mentorship to future founders and let the sharpen their idea ready for the next launch, infuse future proof innovations to communities so they can keep up with the ever changing world. We fuel the competitive spirit by sponsoring local sports teams and athletes. But our impact goes beyond the starting line. We bridge the gap between cutting-edge advancements and the communities that need them most. Together with DauschmannCláirseach®, Macanne® fosters a vibrant ecosystem where innovation thrives and progress reaches every corner.

Igniting Innovation, Empowering Communities: The Macanne® Advocacy

At Macanne®, we believe in the transformative power of innovation. It’s not just about groundbreaking ideas; it’s about harnessing that potential to create a positive impact on the world around us.

 That’s why we proudly advocate for three key areas: fostering the dreams of startup entrepreneurs, supporting the drive of local sports teams and athletes, and bridging the gap between cutting-edge advancements and the communities that need them most. By fueling innovation, celebrating athletic excellence, and ensuring inclusivity, we’re building a future where progress benefits everyone.

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Our Advocies so far..

Atletico Forza Celtica

Dominating the field in rugby, flag football, and football, AtleticoForzaCeltica embodies versatility and a relentless competitive spirit.

Taguig Vipers

The Taguig Vipers, assembled in 2017, are a force to be reckoned with. With over a decade of combined experience, this team is constantly evolving and hungry for victory.

Pilipinas Juggernauts

More than just a team, the Pilipinas Juggernauts are a family. As one of the first and premier tackle football teams in Asia, they pave the way for the sport’s future.

Quayside Sharks

Since the 1940s, the Galway-based Quayside Sharks have been fielding rugby and football players, building a legacy of community and excellence that continues to this day.

MVHA Innovative Solutions

MVHA is a shining example of innovation. This Philippine village has embraced contactless payments, tech upgrades for security, and overall management, proving that progress thrives everywhere.


Bringing the thrill of Mixed Martial Arts to fans across Asia, UGB-MMA has been a proud partner of Macanne® since 2015.

Training & education

Internships, reimbursement for certs, a leadership training track, and more.

Fun events

Happy hours, get-togethers, and other fun events with the team.

Be a Part of the Change. Join the Macanne® Advocacy Movement.

Unleash your potential and join a community passionate about making a difference. Explore how you can contribute to fostering innovation, empowering startups, and supporting your local sports heroes. Whether you’re a budding entrepreneur, a dedicated fan, or simply someone who believes in progress, there’s a place for you at Macanne® Advocacy.

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