Co-Founder and Chief Digital Correspondent

Antonette Aquino

Antonette Aquino epitomizes entrepreneurial drive and digital expertise, joining Macanne at just 18 when the company was in its infancy. Rapidly ascending, she became celebrated as both a multi-awarded social media influencer and finance professional. Over her tenure, Antonette honed her acumen, navigating finance intricacies while cultivating a vast network, cementing her as a strategic powerhouse.

Beyond her digital persona, Antonette is a visionary, shaping her career and venture’s ‘trajectory through innovation and strategic insight. Her profound grasp of digital media has sculpted the company’s brand and communication strategy, earning acclaim from peers and competitors alike. As Macanne flourishes under her guidance, Antonette’s unwavering dedication and foresight continue to propel it to new heights, solidifying its position as a leader in the digital realm, while her influence reverberates, leaving an enduring mark on the industry.

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