Managing Director and Business Operations

Mich De Joya

Mich De Joya stands as a pivotal figure in the Macanne narrative, a loyal ally from the outset of the company’s journey. Her initial foray into media and film production laid the groundwork for her multifaceted role within the organization. Drawing from her diverse experiences as a business owner and multimedia artist/streamer, Mich brings a unique blend of creativity and strategic acumen to the table. Her intuitive understanding of business operations has positioned her as a powerhouse within the team, navigating complexities with finesse and driving forward momentum.

At the heart of Mich’s contribution lies her exceptional PR skills and captivating personality, which serve as catalysts for Macanne’s success. Whether forging partnerships, engaging with clients, or championing the company’s vision, Mich exudes authenticity and charisma, earning trust and admiration from all who interact with her. As Macanne continues to evolve and expand its footprint, Mich remains an indispensable asset, her unwavering commitment and dynamic leadership shaping the organization’s trajectory and ensuring its continued growth and prosperity.

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