Co-Founder and Chief Innovations Officer

Macky Daus

Macky Daus, a dynamic force driving innovation across multiple platforms. With a robust background in digital marketing and cloud engineering, Macky co-founded Macanne and serves as a principal VC for our parent company, DauschmannCláirseach®. His journey is marked by pioneering achievements, including recognition from WordPress as a trailblazing developer and spearheading Macanne’s transformation into a web3-capable ecosystem through blockchain development in 2017.

As a VC, Macky focuses on fostering fintech projects and digital innovations, leveraging his expertise to shape the future of technology. Blending his developer acumen with digital marketing prowess, Macky is a one-man powerhouse, seamlessly integrating diverse skill sets to drive success. Beyond his professional endeavors, he shares insights and inspiration as the esteemed host of the Progress Neighborhood Podcast (now EverydayFounder), earning acclaim for his engaging discussions and forward-thinking perspectives. Macky Daus embodies the spirit of innovation, driving progress at the intersection of technology and entrepreneurship.

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