Third Barrel Brewhouse


Third Barrel Brewhouse is a unique and inviting tavern concept located in Sligo, Ireland. Their establishment is dedicated to celebrating and promoting locally crafted spirits, whiskey, and beer. As a hub for connoisseurs and those who appreciate artisanal beverages, Third Barrel offers a distinctive experience in the heart of Sligo.

Client’s Need:

Third Barrel Brewhouse recognized the importance of a strong visual identity to reflect their commitment to locally crafted and distinctive beverages. They approached us with a need for logo and branding services that could encapsulate the essence of their tavern, conveying its warmth and uniqueness to their clientele.

Our Solution: Logo and Branding Services

We collaborated closely with Third Barrel Brewhouse to create a distinctive visual identity that aligned with their values and the tavern’s ambiance. Here’s what we provided:

1. Logo Design:

We designed a logo that captured the spirit of Third Barrel. The logo features elements like a barrel, representing the craft nature of the establishment, and a warm color palette to invoke the cozy, welcoming atmosphere of the tavern. The typography was carefully selected to convey both tradition and a contemporary flair.

2. Branding Elements:

We extended the design language across various branding elements, ensuring consistency in all their materials. This included signage, menus, merchandise, and promotional materials. The branding elements reflected the same cozy and artisanal feel that patrons would experience within the tavern.

3. Brand Guidelines:

To maintain the consistency and integrity of their brand, we created brand guidelines. These guidelines serve as a reference for the correct usage of the logo, color schemes, typography, and other brand elements across all media.


The logo and branding we created for Third Barrel Brewhouse have become instrumental in establishing a strong and memorable brand presence. The warm and inviting design language has resonated with their audience and reinforced the tavern’s commitment to locally crafted beverages.

The brand identity has been effectively applied to signage, menus, merchandise, and marketing materials, creating a seamless and memorable experience for their customers. Third Barrel Brewhouse’s brand identity is now a key part of their success, attracting patrons who appreciate the blend of local craftsmanship and cozy ambience, and ensuring that they stand out in Sligo’s competitive hospitality industry.

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