Macanne® Revs Up Creativity: Relaunches ProperPaper® and Bonafide to Champion Filipino Urban Culture

Macanne®, a leading force in the Philippine creative industry, has ignited excitement with the relaunch of two iconic brands: ProperPaper®, formerly We.Hrvst Lifestyle Magazine, and Bonafide, a pioneering sportswear brand. This strategic move underscores Macanne®’s commitment to fostering and celebrating the ever-evolving urban and creative landscape in the Philippines.

ProperPaper®: A Platform for Storytelling and Self-Expression

ProperPaper® steps into the spotlight with a renewed vision. Shedding its former title, We.Hrvst Lifestyle Magazine, the brand embraces a more expansive identity. ProperPaper® will continue to be a haven for captivating narratives, insightful commentary, and artistic exploration.

However, the relaunch signifies an exciting shift. ProperPaper® will delve deeper into the vibrant tapestry of Filipino creativity. From music and fashion to art and social movements, the platform will serve as a launchpad for local talents and a space for amplifying their voices.

A Legacy of Storytelling

ProperPaper® inherits a rich legacy. We.Hrvst Lifestyle Magazine carved a niche for itself by showcasing the journeys and perspectives of inspiring individuals. The magazine became a go-to source for those seeking a glimpse into the lives of artists, entrepreneurs, and cultural innovators.

The relaunch builds upon this foundation. ProperPaper® promises to expand its reach, becoming a multimedia platform that embraces print, digital, and experiential storytelling formats. This multifaceted approach ensures that ProperPaper® stays at the forefront of content creation, catering to a diverse and ever-evolving audience.

Championing Filipino Voices

The heart of ProperPaper® lies in its dedication to Filipino creative expression. The platform will be a springboard for local artists, writers, and photographers. By providing a platform for their work, ProperPaper® aims to not only entertain but also inspire and empower the next generation of Filipino storytellers.

The relaunch also signifies a commitment to social consciousness. ProperPaper® will delve into critical issues that shape Filipino society, fostering open dialogue and encouraging positive change.

Bonafide: Redefining Activewear for the Filipino Spirit

Alongside ProperPaper®, Macanne® has also announced the much-anticipated return of Bonafide. The brand, once a staple in the Philippine sportswear scene, is making a comeback with a renewed focus on style, functionality, and cultural relevance.

A Pioneering Legacy

Bonafide has a long and illustrious history. The brand was synonymous with quality activewear, catering to athletes and fitness enthusiasts alike. Bonafide’s garments were not just functional; they were also known for their innovative designs and trendsetting styles.

A Modern Evolution

The relaunched Bonafide stays true to its roots while embracing the modern Filipino active lifestyle. The brand will offer a wider range of apparel and accessories, catering to a more diverse audience. From yoga enthusiasts to gym rats and everyday individuals seeking comfortable and stylish activewear, Bonafide will have something for everyone.

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